In the first part, the author recalls the principal phenomena concerning the flow of the viscous liquids about an immersed body when the Reynolds numbers are progressively increased. The following factors in order have been studied in the Laboratory of Hydraulics of Toulouse.


2. Pressures about a Submerged Body for Small Reynolds Numbers (E. CRAUSSE AND J. BAUBIAC);

3. Similitude of the Limiting Layer for Small Reynolds Numbers (L. ESCANDE AND M. TEISSIE SOLIER);

4. Anomalies Shown by Colloids for Small Reynolds Numbers (M. PICHOT AND P. DUPIN);

5. Alternating Vortices of Bénard‐Karman (P. DUPIN);

6. Secondary Vortices (E. CRAUSSE AND J. BAUBIAC);

7. Surfaces of Discontinuity (L. ESCANDE AND M. TEISSIE SOLIER);

8. Varying Modes of Contraction of Jets at the Entrance of a Nozzle (C. CAMICHEL AND P. DUPIN);

9. Determination of the Vector Vortex at a Determined Work Value for Different Values of the Reynolds Number (C. CAMICHEL AND P. DUPIN);

10. Viscosity of a Liquid Containing Solid Particles in Suspension (J. LHOMME).

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