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Journal of Rheology Publication Award

Each year, the Society of Rheology (SOR) offers the Journal of Rheology Publication Award for the best paper published during the preceding two years. The winning publication is offered open access. You may visit also

Journal of Rheology Publication Awardees


Julie B. Hipp1, Jeffrey J. Richards2, and Norman J. Wagner1
1 University of Delaware, 2Northwestern University
Direct measurements of the microstructural origin of shear-thinning in carbon black suspensions
J. Rheol. 65145 (2021)


Kyle R. Lennon, Gareth H. McKinley and James W. Swan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Medium amplitude parallel superposition (MAPS) rheology. Part 1: Mathematical framework and theoretical examples
J. Rheol. 64(3), 551 (2020)

Kyle R. Lennon, Michela Geri, Gareth H. McKinley and James W. Swan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Medium amplitude parallel superposition (MAPS) rheology. Part 2: Experimental protocols and data analysis
J. Rheol. 64(5), 1263 (2020)


D.Renggli1, A. Alicke1, R. H. Ewoldt2, and J. Vermant1
1ETH Zürich, 2University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Operating windows for oscillatory interfacial shear rheology
J. Rheol.
64(1), 141-160 (2020)


Abhinendra Singh1, Romain Mari2,3, Morton M. Denn1, and Jeffrey F. Morris1
1CUNY City College of New York, 2University of Cambridge, 3Univ. Grenoble Alpes
A constitutive model for simple shear of dense frictional suspensions
J. Rheol.62(2), 457-468 (2018)


Charles Schroeder
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Single polymer dynamics for molecular rheology
J. Rheol.62(1), 371-403 (2018)


Flanco Zhuge, Laurence G. D. Hawke, Charles-Andre Fustin, Jean-Francois Gohy, and Evelyne van Ruymbeke
Université catholique de Louvain
Decoding the linear viscoelastic properties of model telechelic metallo-supramolecular polymers
J. Rheol.61(6), 1245-1262 (2017)


D. M. Hoyle and S. M. Fielding
University of Durham
Criteria for extensional necking instability in complex fluids and soft solids. Part I: Imposed Hencky strain rate protocol
J. Rheol.60(6), 1347-1375 (2016)


Jader Colombo1 and Emanuela Del Gado1,2
1ETH Zürich, 2Georgetown University
Stress localization, stiffening, and yielding in a model colloidal gel
J. Rheol.58(5), 1089-1116 (2014)


Romain Mari, Ryohei Seto, Jeffrey F. Morris, and Morton M. Denn
City College of New York
Shear thickening, frictionless and frictional rheologies in non-Brownian suspensions
J. Rheol.58(6), 1693-1724 (2014)


Lavanya Mohan1, Charlotte Pellet2, Michel Cloitre2, and Roger Bonnecaze1
1The University of Texas at Austin, 2ESPCI ParisTech
Local mobility and microstructure in periodically sheared soft particle glasses and their connection to macroscopic rheology
J. Rheol.57(3), 1023-1046 (2013)


Roseanna N. Zia and John F. Brady
California Institute of Technology
Microviscosity, microdiffusivity, and normal stresses in colloidal dispersions
J. Rheol.56(5), 1175-1208 (2012)


Ryan C. Kramb and Charles F. Zukoski
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Nonlinear rheology and yielding in dense suspensions of hard anisotropic colloids
J. Rheol.55(5), 1069-1084 (2011)


E. van Ruymbeke1, E. B. Muliawan2, S. G. Hatzikiriakos2, T. Watanabe3, A. Hirao3, and D. Vlassopoulos4
1FORTH and Université Catholique de Louvain, 2University of British Columbia, 3Tokyo Institute of Technology, 4FORTH and University of Crete
Viscoelasticity and extensional rheology of model Cayley-tree polymers of different generations
J. Rheol.54(3), 643-662 (2010)


Matthias Fuchs1 and Michael E. Cates2
1Universität Konstanz, 2University of Edinburgh
A mode coupling theory for Brownian particles in homogeneous steady shear flow
J. Rheol.53(4), 957-1000 (2009)


Sven Reynaert1, Carlton F. Brooks2, Paula Moldenaers1, Jan Vermant1, and Gerald G. Fuller3
1K. U. Leuven, 2Sandia National Laboratories, 3Stanford Univeristy
Analysis of the magnetic rod interfacial stress rheometer
J. Rheol.52(1), 261-285 (2008)


Alexander Meyer, Andrew Marshall, Brian G. Bush, and Eric M. Furst
University of Delaware
Laser tweezer microrheology of a colloidal suspension
J. Rheol.50(1), 77-92 (2006)


C. Clasen1, J. P. Plog1, W.-M. Kulicke1, M. Owens2, C. Macosko2, L. E. Scriven2, M. Verani3, and G. H. McKinley3
1University of Hamburg, 2University of Minnesota, 3Massachusetts Institute of Technology
How dilute are dilute solutions in extensional flows?
J.Rheol.50(6), 849-881 (2006)


M. W. Collis1, A. K. Lele1, M. R. Mackley1, R. S. Graham2, D. J. Groves2, A. E. Likhtman2, T. M. Nicholson2, O. G. Harlen2, T. C. B. McLeish2, L. R. Hutchings3, C. M. Fernyhough4, and R. N. Young4
1University of Cambridge, 2University of Leeds, 3University of Durham, 4University of Sheffield
Constriction flows of monodisperse linear entangled polymers: Multiscale modeling and flow visualization
J.Rheol.49(2), 501-522 (2005)


Steven P. Meeker1, Roger T. Bonnecaze2, and Michel Cloitre1
1ESPCI, 2University of Texas at Austin
Slip and flow in pastes of soft particles: Direct observation and rheology
J.Rheol.48(6), 1295-1320 (2004)


Rui Zhao and Christopher W. Macosko
University of Minnesota
Slip at polymer-polymer interfaces: Rheological measurements on coextruded multilayers
J.Rheol.46(1), 145-167 (2002)


K. Krishnan1, B. Chapman1, F. S. Bates1, T. P. Lodge1, K. Almdal2, and W. R. Burghardt3
1University of Minnesota, 2Risø National Laboratory, 3Northwestern University
Effects of shear flow on a polymeric bicontinuous microemulsion: Equilibrium and steady state behavior
J. Rheol.46(2), 529-554 (2002)


T. Thiele1, J.-F. Berret1, S. Müller2, and C. Schmidt2
1Universite de Montpellier II, 2Universitat Freiburg
Rheology and nuclear magnetic resonance measurements under shear of sodium dodecyl sulfonate/decanol/water nematics
J. Rheol.45(1), 29-48 (2001)


G. Hay, K. M. Awati, and Y. Park, and M. E. Mackay
The University of Queensland
Pressure and temperature effects in slit rheometry
J.Rheol.43(5), 1099-1116 (1999)


D. J. Pine, Y. T. Hu, P. Boltenhagen, and E. Matthys
University of California, Santa Barbara
Shear thickening in low-concentration solutions of worm-like micelles. I. Direct visualization of transient behavior and phase transitions
J. Rheol.42(5), 1185-1208 (1998)
Shear-thickening In low-concentration solutions of worm-like micelles. II. Slip, fracture, and stability of the shear-induced phase
J. Rheol.42(5), 1209-1226 (1998)


T. C .B. McLeish1and R. G. Larson2
1University of Leeds, 2University of Michigan
Molecular constitutive equations for a class of branched polymers: The pom-pom polymer
J. Rheol.42(1), 81-110 (1998)


M. J. MacDonald and S. J. Muller
University of California, Berkeley
Experimental study of shear-induced migration of polymers in dilute solutions
J. Rheol.40(2), 259-283 (1996)


I. Vinckier, P. Moldenaers, and J. Mewis
K.U. Leuven
Relationship between rheology and morphology of model blends in steady shear
J. Rheol.40(4), 613-631 (1996)


L. B. Chen1, B. J. Ackerson2, and C. F. Zukoski1
University of Illinois, 2Oklahoma State University
Rheological consequences of microstructural transitions in colloidal crystals
J.Rheol.38(2), 193-216 (1994)


T. Annable, R. Buscall, R. Ettelaie, and D. Whittlestone
ICI Corporate Colloid Science Group, UK
The rheology of solutions of associating polymers: Comparison of experimental behavior with transient network theory
J. Rheol.37(4), 695-726 (1993)


S. G. Hatzikiriakos and J. M. Dealy
McGill University
Wall slip of molten high density polyethylenes. II. Capillary rheometer studies
J. Rheol.36(4), 703-741 (1992)
Role of slip and fracture in the oscillating flow of HDPE in a capillary
J. Rheol.36(5), 845-884 (1992)


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