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Current Issue
Volume 68,
Issue 4,
July 2024

Focus and Coverage

The Journal of Rheology is a vital resource for researchers working in fields as diverse as polymer physics and fluid mechanics. It presents experimental results, phenomenological models, and microscopic theories dealing with the rheological behavior of complex materials, including macromolecular, colloidal and particulate solids, and fluids. Application areas include foods, paints, plastics, lubricants, ceramics, coatings, glaciers, and biological fluids.

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Most Recent
Yogesh M. Joshi
Thixotropy is characterized by a time-dependent rise in viscosity under no or weak flow conditions and a decrease in viscosity over time when subjected to strong flow conditions. The characteristic ...
Research Article
Wang Yanjie, Xie Xulong et al.
The concentrated noncolloidal suspensions show complex rheological behavior, which is related to the existence of contact stress. However, determining the contact stress in time-varying flow like ...
Research Article
Sachin Balasaheb Shinde, Lalit Kumar
The present article investigates the effect of thermal shrinkage on the yielding behavior of waxy oil gel. The paper compares constant gap and constant normal force measurement protocols to examine ...


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