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Plasma Sources for Advanced Semiconductor Applications

Plasma sources are essential tools for advanced semiconductor and computation technologies. Laser-produced plasma powers state-of-the-art nanolithography by generating the required extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) light. Remarkable reduction of feature-sizes in modern semiconductors is a major theme for semiconductor manufacturing where features are approaching nanometers and often involve 3D structures. Predicting, modeling, and high-resolution measurements of plasma properties of advanced plasma sources are at the forefront of research for many advanced industrial applications. This Joint Special Topic Collection in Applied Physics Letters and Physics of Plasmas welcomes new submissions reporting new research results and perspectives in the field of plasma sources and their many important applications to semiconductor and computational technologies.

Read this collection’s papers published in Applied Physics Letters here and published in Physics of Plasmas here.

Guest Editors: Oscar Versolato, Ronnie Hoekstra, John Sheil, Igor Kaganovich, Thorsten Lill, Kallol Bera, Sang Ki Nam, and Hyo-Chang Lee

Special Collection Image
Haomin Sun; Soham Banerjee; Sarveshwar Sharma; Andrew Tasman Powis; Alexander V. Khrabrov; Dmytro Sydorenko; Jian Chen; Igor D. Kaganovich
Andreas Fischer; Thorsten Lill
Saurabh Simha; Sarveshwar Sharma; Alexander Khrabrov; Igor Kaganovich; Jonathan Poggie; Sergey Macheret
Lucas Poirier; Adam Lassise; Ronnie Hoekstra; John Sheil; Oscar O. Versolato
Z. Y. Shi; Y. Yuan; W. P. Wang; Y. Y. Ma; X. Y. Sun; N. Lin; Y. X. Leng
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