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Papers from the 2021-2022 Sherwood Fusion Theory Conferences

The Sherwood 2021/2022 Special Topic Collection in Physics of Plasmas is composed of peer reviewed articles submitted by the 2021 and 2022 International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference invited speakers and the student presentation award winners and their advisors. The two conferences were held August 16-18, 2021 and April 4-6, 2022 with the objective of communicating recent theoretical and computational results in the physics of controlled fusion energy. With ~110 combined invited and contributed talks in each of the two years, the research topics spanned a wide range of theoretical and computational magnetically confined fusion plasma physics, including but not limited to fundamental plasma theory, plasma instability, core and edge turbulence, transport and equilibrium, energetic particles, disruption, machine learning for fusion applications, advanced numerical algorithms and modeling.

Guest Editors: Stephanie Diem, Valerie Izzo, and Ben Zhu

Special Collection Image
Yanzeng Zhang; Jun Li; Xian-Zhu Tang
V. A. Izzo; S. J. Diem; B. Zhu
I. Joseph; Y. Shi; M. D. Porter; A. R. Castelli; V. I. Geyko; F. R. Graziani; S. B. Libby; J. L. DuBois
U. Gupta; C. R. Sovinec
Robert Hager; S. Ku; A. Y. Sharma; C. S. Chang; R. M. Churchill; A. Scheinberg
Sebastian De Pascuale; David L. Green; Jeremy D. Lore
Yuzhi Li; Bhuvana Srinivasan; Yanzeng Zhang; Xian-Zhu Tang
M. R. Halfmoon; D. R. Hatch; M. T. Kotschenreuther; S. M. Mahajan; A. O. Nelson; E. Kolemen; M. Curie; A. Diallo; R. J. Groebner; E. Hassan; E. A. Belli; J. Candy
B. Tripathi; A. E. Fraser; P. W. Terry; E. G. Zweibel; M. J. Pueschel
M. Landreman; S. Buller; M. Drevlak
N. R. Mandell; G. W. Hammett; A. Hakim; M. Francisquez
J. M. Duff; B. J. Faber; C. C. Hegna; M. J. Pueschel; P. W. Terry
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