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Development and Validation of Models for Turbulent Reacting Flows

This special topic is organized in honor of Prof. Michael Pfitzner, who has made substantial contributions to our understanding of turbulent flames. Prof. Pfitzner's contributions are diverse and cover experimental, theoretical, and numerical analyses of turbulent combustion and heat transfer in gas turbines, rocket combustion chambers or Diesel engines, including atomization, vaporization and the mixing of liquid fuels at supercritical conditions. In honor of Prof. Pfitzner's scientific contributions, and to help address global challenges in energy economy and environmental safety, we present the following contributions which represent the current state of the art in modeling turbulent reacting flows.

Guest editors: Markus Klein, Nilanjan Chakraborty, Andreas Kempf, and Amsini Sadiki)

Special Collection Image
Markus Klein; Nilanjan Chakraborty; Andreas Kempf; Amsini Sadiki
J. Kuhlmann; A. Lampmann; M. Pfitzner; W. Polifke
Alex M. Garcia; Sophie Le Bras; Jens Prager; Matthias Häringer; Wolfgang Polifke
Mohamad Fathi; Stefan Hickel; Dirk Roekaerts
J. Kuhlmann; S. Marragou; I. Boxx; T. Schuller; W. Polifke
F. Zhang; T. Zirwes; Y. Wang; Z. Chen; H. Bockhorn; D. Trimis; D. Stapf
H. Nicolai; L. Dressler; J. Janicka; C. Hasse
Hannah Ulrich; Bastian Lehnert; Diego Guénot; Kristoffer Svendsen; Olle Lundh; Michael Wensing; Edouard Berrocal; Lars Zigan
Vladimir A. Sabelnikov; Andrei N. Lipatnikov; Nikolay V. Nikitin; Francisco E. Hernández-Pérez; Hong G. Im
JunYang Li (李峻洋); Ming Yu (余明); Dong Sun (孙东); PengXin Liu (刘朋欣); XianXu Yuan (袁先旭)
Chunkan Yu (俞淳侃); Prashant Shrotriya; Ulrich Maas
Sanjeev Kr. Ghai; Nilanjan Chakraborty; Umair Ahmed; Markus Klein
Federica Ferraro; Sandro Gierth; Steffen Salenbauch; Wang Han; Christian Hasse
Bharat Bhatia; Ashoke De; Dirk Roekaerts; Assaad R. Masri
S.-J. Baik; E. Inanc; M. Rieth; A. M. Kempf
Lorenzo Angelilli; Pietro Paolo Ciottoli; Francesco Picano; Mauro Valorani; Hong G. Im
Nilanjan Chakraborty; Umair Ahmed; Markus Klein; Hong G. Im
Andrei N. Lipatnikov; Vladimir A. Sabelnikov
Umesh Unnikrishnan; Joseph C. Oefelein; Vigor Yang
Arthur Péquin; Salvatore Iavarone; Riccardo Malpica Galassi; Alessandro Parente
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