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Flow and Forensics

Forensic science involves multiple questions related to fluid mechanics, fluids physics, and gas dynamics. These range from bloodstain analysis to dynamics of muzzle gases to the rheology of soft tissues and blast wave propagation. These questions require model experiments, data processing, analytical modeling, and numerical simulations. New research holds great promise to forensic and biomedical sciences, facilitating the reliability and accuracy of forensic methods. The fruitful interaction between hemodynamics and fluid mechanics was started by the seminal work of Poiseuille, and this Special Topic aims to facilitate further mutual proliferation of fluid mechanics and forensic science.

Guest Editor: Alexander L. Yarin

Special Collection Image
Alexander L. Yarin
Garam Lee; Daniel Attinger; Kenneth F. Martin; Samira Shiri; James C. Bird
V. Kosmerl; A. L. Yarin
A. L. Yarin; V. Kosmerl
Xiaofeng Han (韩晓峰); Junru Jin (金俊儒); Huanhe Dong (董焕河); Lei Fu (付蕾)
Jungwoo Huh (허정우); Seongdong Kim (김성동); Boo-Hyoung Bang (방부형); Ali Aldalbahi (علي الدلبحي); Mostafizur Rahaman (مستفيض الرحمن); Alexander L. Yarin (ירין אלכסנדר); Sam S. Yoon (윤석구)
Chen Kailin (凯琳 陈); James B. Michael; Alexander L. Yarin
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