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Special Issue on Food Physics

Advances in process capabilities and increasing demand to tailor food formulations according to consumer preference and awareness lead to diverse food product designs and specific needs to meet demands. These food reformulations are mainly driven by health and environmental concerns. A deeper understanding of food physics is crucial to sustainable solutions to the huge challenges of the global food sector. This special topic welcomes research and review articles from all corners of the food physics community, including interdisciplinary contributions.

Guest Editors: Ezgi Pulatsu and Kathleen Feigl

Special Collection Image
P. Giefer; A. Heyse; S. Drusch; U. Fritsching
Ezgi Pulatsu; Kathleen Feigl
Erwin R. Werner-Cárcamo; Mónica Rubilar; Braulio A. Macias-Rodriguez; Alejandro G. Marangoni
San To Chan (陳新淘); Simon J. Haward; Eliot Fried; Gareth H. McKinley
Demet Sonmezler; Gulum Sumnu; Serpil Sahin
Job Ubbink; Belal J. Muhialdin
Hannah M. Hartge; Eckhard Flöter; Thomas A. Vilgis
Omer Faruk Cokgezme; Filiz Icier
Suzan Tireki; Gulum Sumnu; Serpil Sahin
W. T. Lee; A. Smith; A. Arshad
Lian Xue (廉雪); Chiya Savari; Li Kun (李坤); Mostafa Barigou
Ezgi Pulatsu; Chibuike Udenigwe
Zi-Yu Wang (王子钰); Tian-Liang Yao (姚天亮); Hui Zhao (赵辉); Wei-Feng Li (李伟锋); Jian-Liang Xu (许建良); Hai-Feng Liu (刘海峰)
Juan C. Zambrano; Thomas A. Vilgis
Wenjing Lyu (吕文靖); Tizian Bauer; Alexander Jahn; Bernhard Gatternig; Antonio Delgado; Thomas E. Schellin
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