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Tribute to Frank M. White on his 88th Anniversary

We devote this special collection to Dr. Frank M. White, whose books have inspired countless fluid dynamicists around the world, on his 88th anniversary. Although the evolution of viscous flow analysis has continued its journey towards more efficiently resolved and high-order computations, Dr. White has continued to emphasize the underlying physical concepts and mathematical insights that can be rigorously gained by exploring a wide variety of exact, similarity-based, and asymptotic solutions. Through this collection, our community commemorates the long-lasting impact of Dr. White on education, including the fourth edition of his Viscous Fluid Flow textbook, slated to appear in 2021.

Guest editors: Joseph Majdalani and Savvas G. Hatzikiriakos

Special Collection Image
Joseph Majdalani
Che-Yu Lin; Bayode E. Owolabi; Chao-An Lin
Zeeshan Saeed; Elizabeth Weidner; Blair A. Johnson; Tracy L. Mandel
Robert E. Randall
Kiana Kamrani Fard; Vickie Ngo; James A. Liburdy
Jacob W. Posey; Brayden Roque; Swagnik Guhathakurta; Ryan W. Houim
Chang Hsin Chen; Kiran Bhaganagar
Xiaoliang He (何晓亮); Sourabh V. Apte; Shashank K. Karra; Ömer N. Doğan
D. M. L. Meyer; Alex Ensign
Naresh Poudel; Meilin Yu; John T. Hrynuk
Xiaofeng Liu (刘霄峰); Jose Roberto Moreto
Sharey Deep Guleria; Atul Dhar; Dhiraj V. Patil
C. R. dos Santos; A. S. Rezaei; H. E. Taha
Rozie Zangeneh
Madhuchhanda Bhattacharya; Tanmay Basak
Xiaojia Wang (汪小佳); Ivan C. Christov
Konstantinos Karantonis; Ioannis W. Kokkinakis; Ben Thornber; Dimitris Drikakis
Peiyu Zhang; Patrick A. Meagher; Xinyu Zhao
Antonio Colanera; Alessandro Della Pia; Matteo Chiatto; Luigi de Luca; Francesco Grasso
Gaurav Sharma; Joseph Majdalani
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