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Physics Today 9 (1), 22–23 (1956);
Physics Today 9 (1), 24–27 (1956);
Physics Today 9 (1), 28–31 (1956);
Physics Today 9 (1), 32–36 (1956);
Physics Today 9 (1), 40–41 (1956);
Physics Today 9 (1), 42–55 (1956);

The Joint Meeting of the five Founder Societies of the American Institute of Physics to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the AIP's founding will be held in New York City, January 30–February 3, 1956. Most technical sessions will take place in the Hotel New Yorker (8th Avenue and 34th Street) although some will be held at Manhattan Center (311 West 34th Street). The regular Winter Meetings of the Physical Society and the Association of Physics Teachers will be held at this time, and special symposia have been arranged by the Optical Society, the Acoustical Society, and (jointly) by the Society of Rheology and the APS Division of High‐Polymer Physics. Those attending the meeting should register upon arrival at the AIP Registration Center located on the Mezzanine of the New Yorker.

Physics Today 9 (1), 56–66 (1956);

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Physics Today 9 (1), 78 (1956);
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