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Reconsidering tenure
Physics Today 77 (3), 10–11 (2024);
Putting a return to the Moon in perspective
Physics Today 77 (3), 10 (2024);
Tidal power’s limits
Physics Today 77 (3), 11 (2024);

Search and Discovery

Physics Today 77 (3), 12–14 (2024);

Made of liquid-crystal films, the soft, air-filled lasers have stable spectra that shift when the bubbles are squeezed.

Physics Today 77 (3), 15–16 (2024);

Potassium-rich feldspar is a hydrophilic mineral that accelerates ice nucleation in the atmosphere. For the first time, the atomic surface structure has been observed.

Issues and Events

Physics Today 77 (3), 17–19 (2024);

The world’s second-most-produced chemical is poised to grow beyond its use in fertilizers to become an efficient medium to carry green hydrogen across the oceans.

Physics Today 77 (3), 20–21 (2024);

A simple concept, a sophisticated process: Reshape contours to prevent coalescence of shock waves.


Physics Today 77 (3), 22–27 (2024);

Although a new American Physical Society ethics survey shares some conclusions with a previous one, disparities between the two highlight the need for improved procedures and open communication channels in physics departments.

Physics Today 77 (3), 28–33 (2024);

The evolution of specialized biological tools used by organisms tells a story about the environments that shaped them.

Physics Today 77 (3), 34–41 (2024);

After World War II, scientists applied the knowledge and experience they gained from nuclear weapons to nuclear astrophysics.


Physics Today 77 (3), 41–42 (2024);

Predicting Our Climate Future: What We Know, What We Don’t Know, and What We Can’t Know, David Stainforth

Physics Today 77 (3), 42 (2024);

New Products

Physics Today 77 (3), 43–44 (2024);

Quick Study

Physics Today 77 (3), 46–47 (2024);

During a rocket’s liftoff, its extreme sound levels can damage launch structures, payload electronics, and even the rocket itself.

Back Scatter

Physics Today 77 (3), 48 (2024);
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