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Print Obituaries

Curated and edited by Physics Today staff, these obituaries appeared in the print edition of the magazine through December 2023. The articles listed on this page date back to 2001. Going forward, all obituaries will be only online. See the Online Obituaries collection for the latest reader-submitted remembrances.
Special Collection Image
Frederik J. Simons
Andrew Strominger
Thomas Hertog
Jianshi Zhou
H. Frederick Dylla; Louis J. Lanzerotti; Kevin B. Marvel; G. Wayne Van Citters
Paul Kearns
Ralf Toumi
Adam Frank; Jill Tarter; Jason Wright
J. Georg Bednorz; Annette Bussmann-Holder; Hugo Keller
Michel Janssen; Alan E. Shapiro
Michael Riordan
Philip England; Roger Bilham
Michael A. Liberman; Valery L. Pokrovsky; Sandro Stringari
Lisbeth Gronlund; David Wright; Tung-Mow Yan
Thom Mason; James Decker
Donald P. Schneider
David C. Cassidy; Dieter Hoffmann
R. Bruce Weisman; Philip R. Brooks
Russell D. Dupuis; Milton Feng
Michael J. Miksis; G. Paul Neitzel; William W. Schultz
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