Lake Shore Cryotronics now ships its cryogenic probe stations with a Windows PC workstation preloaded with the company’s MeasureLINK software. The versatile, intuitive software lets users easily control sample temperature—and on certain models, magnetic field—for on-wafer probing measurements. By setting up discrete or continuously varying measurements, users can watch how temperature stabilizes as it approaches a set control. A process view window in MeasureLINK displays the system’s internal status at various points, including the temperature at the sample stage and on the probe arm. The collection of electrical measurements can be controlled as a function of temperature or magnetic field using Lake Shore’s MeasureReady and some third-party instruments. That eliminates the need to write custom code so that different instruments can communicate with one another. Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc, 575 McCorkle Blvd, Westerville, OH 43082,

According to Thyracont, the new generation of its Smartline vacuum transducers—the cold-cathode VSI and Pirani/cold-cathode VSM models—ensure a longer sensor lifetime by systematically reducing the high voltage of their cold cathodes in high-pressure ranges. Because of the physical characteristics of cold-cathode gauges, at pressures higher than 1 × 10−4 mbar, their inherent sputter effect causes increased abrasion. Endurance tests at 1 × 10−3 mbar demonstrated that the new sensors are three times as durable as other gauges. The devices now also feature a readout of the sensors’ deterioration and an operating-hours counter for predictive maintenance. The Smartline vacuum transducers are used in coating, analytics, medical engineering, and vacuum-furnace applications. Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH, Max-Emanuel-Str 10, 94036 Passau, Germany,

In one place, the EJGO and EJGO MC controllers from Edwards provide the information and metrics needed to intelligently manage, direct, and regulate the operation of the company’s vacuum-pump systems. Users can easily pull up relevant data on a touch human–machine interface or a web browser on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. They can configure data and parameters relevant to their process and observe their pump’s performance on the go. The EJGO can generate trends maps that allow comparison of multiple metrics across pump cycles and at various times. Available in standard and premium options, the EJGO MC offers advanced central control over vacuum pumps—up to 20—and processes to ensure the best combination for optimum power consumption. The EJGO and EJGO MC automatically update to the latest cybersecurity protocols so that users’ networks are secure when connected to the internet of things. Edwards Ltd, Innovation Dr, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9TW, UK,

Master Bond MasterSil 323AO-LO, a two-component silicone elastomer with a self-priming feature, is designed for bonding, sealing, and gap-filling applications. The electrically insulating and thermally conductive compound meets NASA’s low-outgassing specifications and can be used in the aerospace, electronic, optoelectronic, and specialty OEM industries. It has a thermal conductivity of 1.15–1.30 W/(m·K). It is highly flexible with a low tensile modulus of 500–700 psi, an elongation of 50–60%, and a hardness of 70–75 Shore A. Those properties enable it to withstand aggressive thermal cycling and mechanical shock. MasterSil 323AO-LO bonds well to various substrates, including metals, composites, glass, ceramics, plastics, and other silicones, without imparting residual stress when heat cured. It is serviceable from −54 °C to 204 °C. Its paste-like consistency allows it to be used as a gap-filling material where minimum flow after application is desired. Master Bond Inc, 154 Hobart St, Hackensack, NJ 07601-3922,

With an ultimate vacuum of up to 1.5 mbar absolute at a flow rate of up to 36 L/min, KNF’s N 952 diaphragm pump series is a suitable support for advanced analytical instrument applications. Other areas of application include scanning electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, and gas chromatography and analysis. The N 952 pump is powerful, chemically resistant, and oil-free. Its ability to retain a high pumping speed even close to ultimate vacuum makes it appropriate as a prevacuum pump for turbomolecular pumps in research and industry. Supported by new brushless DC motors developed in-house, speed-controlled vacuum performance provides the required vacuum profile and low-vibration operation in drying chambers or heating ovens. Particularly vibration-sensitive systems can be provided for by a stand-alone N 952 version with a separate power switch. KNF Neuberger Inc, 2 Black Forest Rd, Trenton, NJ 08691-1810,

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) now offers semiconductor manufacturers a test solution for on-wafer characterization of the RF design of devices under test early in the development phase and during production. To ensure proper RF capabilities for frequency coverage and output power while optimizing energy efficiency, the test setup combines the company’s R&S ZNA vector network analyzer with engineering probe systems from FormFactor. The vector network analyzer characterizes all RF qualification parameters at coaxial and waveguide levels, and frequency extenders for application ranges above 67 GHz. FormFactor examines the wafer contact with manual, semiautomated, and fully automated probe systems including high-frequency probes, probe positioners, and thermal control and calibration tools. FormFactor WinCal XE software calibrates the complete test system, including the R&S ZNA. Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG, Mühldorfstraβe 15, 81671 Munich, Germany,

Pfeiffer Vacuum has expanded its OktaLine ATEX series of Roots pumps, which are designed for use in potentially explosive environments or for evacuating explosive gases. ATEX certified for low- and medium-vacuum applications, the pumps meet the highest explosion-protection requirements. They are appropriate for chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications, such as in vacuum furnaces and heat treatment. Pumping speeds now range from 280 m3/h to 8100 m3/h. Variable differential pressure and flexible rotational speed make the pumps suitable for universal use; they can all be employed at ambient temperatures ranging from −20 °C to 40 °C. Because of their magnetic coupling, OktaLine pumps are hermetically sealed and achieve the very low leak rates of 10−6 Pa m3/s. They are resistant to pressure surges of up to 1600 kPa, and there is no risk of zone entrainment. The integrated temperature sensor protects against thermal overload and monitors the gas temperature in the outlet area. Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc, 24 Trafalgar Sq, Nashua, NH 03063,

Edax, a unit of the materials analysis division of Ametek, has added the Clarity Super to its electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) product line. According to Edax, the Clarity sensors provide single-electron detection sensitivity, a superior signal-to-noise ratio, and high dynamic range. Optimized for high performance across a broad range of voltages with an emphasis on efficient data collection, the sensors are suitable for analysis of ceramics and semiconductor materials where lower beam currents are needed, or for applications such as high-resolution EBSD that require superior EBSD pattern quality. The existing Clarity Plus offers electron collection sensitivity down to approximately 7 kV; the new Clarity Super extends that range to 3 kV. It can therefore be used to analyze beam-sensitive samples such as perovskite organic–inorganic solar cells and fine-grained materials where improved spatial resolution is needed. Edax Inc, 91 McKee Dr, Mahwah, NJ 07430,