The compact, cost-effective F-712.IRPx photometer from Physik Instrumente (PI) is designed mainly for use in aligning glass fibers, fiber arrays, and other elements to photonically integrated circuits. The optical power meter detects optical input signals, without range switching, in the 600–1700 nm wavelength range with a power of 230 pW to 1.3 mW. The signals are converted with high resolution into a precise logarithmic voltage signal of 0.1–1.6 V. The signal strength changes depending on the geometrical position of the elements to be coupled, and the change detected by the power meter is used as a control variable for position optimization. The 6 kHz bandwidth enables the high-throughput alignment and scanning capabilities of PI’s fast multichannel photonic alignment (FMPA) motion subsystems, solution platforms, and microrobots. Two models of the F-712.IRPx are available: one for integration into PI’s FMPA systems and the other for use as a single-channel benchtop or panel-mounted device. Physik Instrumente LP, 16 Albert St, Auburn, MA 01501,

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has updated its electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test software to make EMC testing more complete, reliable, and economical. For ease of use, version 5.0 of AR’s emcware offers accelerated startup and one-click reporting. Its streamlined user workflow, more than 500 built-in testing profiles, prebuilt reporting templates, efficient software validation, and reverb immunity testing methodologies help reduce setup time and training. To meet the varied needs of users involved in EMC testing, AR has also made available Nexio BAT-EMC test software, which offers enhanced flexibility for EMC and non-EMC testing and for in-depth equipment management. AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation, 160 Schoolhouse Rd, Souderton, PA 18964,

MathWorks has introduced version R2020b of its MATLAB and Simulink software. New capabilities in MATLAB simplify working with graphics and apps. Simulink expands access and increases speed, and the launch of Simulink Online enables the viewing, editing, and simulating of Simulink models through Web browsers. R2020b also introduces new products that build on artificial intelligence capabilities, speed up autonomous systems development, and accelerate creation of 3D scenes for automated driving simulation. Among new and updated features in MATLAB are bubble and swarm charts, the ability to diff and merge App Designer apps with the MATLAB Comparison Tool, and customizable figure icons and components in MATLAB apps. R2020b can generate code for referenced model hierarchies in Simulink up to two times as fast as the previous version. It also offers new automerge functionality that helps automate continuous integration workflows. The MathWorks Inc, 1 Apple Hill Dr, Natick, MA 01760-2098,

Bartington Instruments has announced its CryoMag fluxgate magnetometer, which provides high-precision measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields. The three-axis cryogenic-compatible sensor offers noise performance of less than 20 pTrms at 1 Hz. It has three concurrent axes, a 100 µT measuring range, and a frequency response from DC to 1 kHz (±5%). It easily connects via USB to the new DG-1 digitizer. The CryoMag can operate at temperatures down to 2 K, which makes it suitable for use in cryostats for superconducting RF cavities and magnetic field monitoring, quantum computing applications, and other low-temperature environments and applications. It can also be employed as a feedback sensor in active magnetic field cancellation systems. Bartington Instruments Ltd, 10 Thorney Leys Business Park, Witney, Oxfordshire OX28 4GG, UK,

Version 2020b of Origin and OriginPro, OriginLab’s data analysis and graphing software, adds more than 75 new features, apps, and improvements. Mini toolbars for worksheets and matrix sheets now give users quick access to common operations at the cell, column, row, and worksheet levels. Mini toolbars have more buttons for manipulating page, layer, and plot settings, and they can be customized by adding and removing buttons. Browser graph templates allow for quick, easy, multichannel data exploration. Enhancements include a new Data Navigator panel, the ability of users to connect to multiple files, and improvements to existing MATLAB, HDF, Excel, and NetCDF data connectors. New graph types include Bland–Altman and bee-swarm plots, and new apps include 3D antenna radiation pattern and x-ray diffraction analysis. OriginLab Corporation, One Roundhouse Plaza, Ste 303, Northampton, MA 01060,

CrystalMaker has released the latest iteration of its software for visualizing crystal and molecular structures in research and teaching in chemistry, solid-state physics, materials science, mineralogy, and crystallography. In addition to miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes, version 10.5.4 includes a revised set of van der Waals radii. The revision, based on recently published data, provides more comprehensive coverage with more accurate values. With the addition of Bond Range Generation for Text Files, CrystalMaker text files can now include new “BRNG” cards, which specify automatic bond—and hence polyhedra—generation between a specified pair of element symbols, within the specified distance range between the pair. According to the company, such cards provide a more precise alternative to the existing “BOND” or “BMAX” cards. CrystalMaker Software Ltd, Centre for Innovation & Enterprise, Oxford University Begbroke Science Park, Woodstock Rd, Begbroke, Oxfordshire, OX5 1PF, UK,

Rohde & Schwarz has launched an economical, optimized receiver and direction finder with minimum size, weight, and power requirements. The R&S EM200 digital receiver has a wide frequency range and supports spectrum monitoring. It detects, analyzes, and demodulates from 8 kHz to 8 GHz. The EM200 is a suitable in-phase and quadrature source for continuous wideband data collection. Capable of remote monitoring and remote power cycling, it is an appropriate handoff receiver. It can be used in signal interception systems and in combination with R&S signal analysis software, recorders, and most receivers. The EM200 can be optionally equipped with the company’s compact direction-finding antennas, which have a range from 20 MHz to 6 GHz. Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG, Muehldorfstrasse 15, 81671 Munich, Germany,

The latest version of the Tech-X multiplatform, multiphysics simulation software, VSim, is now available. It runs computationally intensive electromagnetic, electrostatic, and plasma simulations in the presence of complex dielectric, magnetic, and metallic shapes. VSim 10.1 has added not only Boolean operation functionality to computer-aided design (CAD) geometries but also the ability to duplicate CAD geometries into rectangular arrays. A new radiation-reaction feature in the VSimPA plasma acceleration package lets relativistic electrons emit photons that can be optionally tracked in the simulation. The simulation allows for recording of the emission energy (weight), position, and number of relativistic gamma photons. The VSimEM electromagnetics package now offers an example of phased array antenna simulation that lets users easily set up their own multiple-element antenna to analyze its radiation pattern and optimize the design. Other new example simulations in VSim 10.1 include the Antenna Array Single Excited Element and the Visual Setup Version of Electron-Beam Driven Plasma. Tech-X Corporation, 5621 Arapahoe Ave, Ste A, Boulder, CO 80303,

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research has reported that its Jupiter XR atomic force microscope (AFM) now includes the company’s new Ergo software interface. According to Asylum Research, the Jupiter XR is the fastest and highest-resolution large-sample AFM available and the only one with blueDrive technology for high measurement stability and repeatability. Ergo’s intuitive guided workflow makes it faster and simpler to set up measurements and collect high-quality AFM images in multiuser academic research and industrial R&D laboratories. Intelligent algorithms automatically calculate the optimal settings that will allow both expert and infrequent AFM users to achieve consistent, high-quality images. Oxford Instruments America Inc, 300 Baker Ave, Ste 150, Concord, MA 01742,

Strain View software from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) provides strain distribution visualization for precise materials testing measurements. It is easy to operate and integrates with the company’s TRViewX digital video extensometer for simplified strain distribution imaging and data processing. Strain View software displays the strain distribution in real time, so users can observe it while conducting a test. Since video files are linked with the stress–strain curve, users can view strain distribution at specific points of interest. Because the software is fully integrated with SSI’s Trapezium X-V software, users can view, capture, analyze, and report data from one platform. Strain data can be saved in CSV format and exported to simulation software. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc, 7102 Riverwood Dr, Columbia, MD 21046,

Pfeiffer Vacuum has unveiled compact, portable gas analyzers for quantitative and qualitative analysis of gases at atmospheric pressure in such areas as metallurgy and environmental analysis, chemical processes, and the semiconductor industry. The OmniStar and ThermoStar GSD 350 feature a low detection limit—depending on the mass range—of less than 100 ppb, low gas consumption of 1–2 sccm, and a fast measuring time of up to 1 ms/u. They allow simultaneous detection of all gases within the mass range. Their gas inlet, fitted with a heated capillary for use at up to 350 °C, prevents vapors from condensing during process gas analysis. The two-stage inlet system makes possible an almost segregation-free gas supply. The ThermoStar GSD 350 was developed for coupling with thermo balances. Its inlet system, which has a quartz capillary and a platinum orifice, enables analysis of even the smallest concentrations. Designed for a wide range of applications, the OmniStar GSD 350 has a stainless-steel capillary and a valve that can interrupt the sample gas stream. Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc, 24 Trafalgar Sq, Nashua, NH 03063,