April 2012, page 52—The last sentence of the caption for figure 3 should read, “In particular, the Sun is about 8 kpc from the galactic center.”

May 2012, page 42—The last two sentences in box 1 should read, “Atoms became the subjects of chemistry and the basis for statistical models of gases. In the early 20th century, with Jean Perrin’s observation of Brownian motion in a colloidal suspension, the concept of the atom returned at long last to the realm of physics.”

June 2012, page 14—Although Grigori Volovik and others realized the important connection between zero-energy modes and p-wave vortices early on, the first to relate self-adjoint (and thus explicitly Majorana) zero-energy modes to the vortices and to novel (non-abelian) statistics were Nicholas Read and Dmitry Green, in work published in 2000.