The descriptions of the new products listed in this section are based on information supplied to us by the manufacturers. Physics Today can assume no responsibility for their accuracy. For more information about a particular product, visit the website at the end of the product description.

CyberWit has introduced DataScene, a graphing, data analysis, and animation software developed with the latest generation of computational technologies. The package can be used to graph scientific, financial, and statistical data and to analyze that data with mathematical methods such as interpolation, averaging, FFT, and curve fitting; it refreshes the results when data are updated. DataScene can produce publication-quality graphs in various formats and can easily make attractive animations for classes, presentations, and webpages. It allows users to plot 39 types of 2D and 3D graphs and customize them with such elements as transparent color, color gradient, dozens of brushes, and visual aspect settings, including rotation, elevation, tilt, and perspective. The software’s real-time data monitoring feature makes it easy for users to chart and process real-time laboratory data sources. CyberWit Inc, 1000 Kiely Boulevard, Unit 90, Santa Clara, CA 95051,

PANalytical’s Omnian standardless analysis package in the company’s SuperQ software suite is designed for use with the Axios sequential x-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Omnian provides characterization and analysis of unknown samples or in situations in which no certified standards match specific sample characteristics. It can handle a wide variety of sample types, such as solids, pressed and loose powders, fused beads, and liquids. The software’s problem-solving power enables it to deal with analytical challenges, including sample quantification, screening and failure analysis, and comparison of different materials. The system automatically adjusts to sample and matrix effects and sample thickness and volume, and it can provide fast quantification in the default “black box” mode. Omnian can be fine tuned for increased accuracy by using adaptive sample characterization. PANalytical Inc, 117 Flanders Road, Westborough, MA 01581,

Optical Research Associates has announced CODE V 10.0, an optical design and analysis software that delivers faster optimization of complex optical systems by taking advantage of parallel processing on multicore architecture CPUs. The package’s new beam synthesis propagation feature uses a beamlet-based diffraction propagation algorithm to spread diffraction effects through the entire system design. BSP delivers greater accuracy than programs that use exit-pupil diffraction computations or beam propagation based on FFT or angular spectrum methods. It includes a preanalysis feature that automatically provides optimum input recommendations for a specific lens system and thus allows the determination of appropriate inputs for any beam propagation algorithm. Optical Research Associates, 3280 East Foothill Boulevard, Suite 300, Pasadena, CA 91107-3103,

Maplesoft has developed MapleSim 2, whose 3D visualization and animation tools easily transform multibody models into realistic animation that makes it easier to validate the system diagram and give greater insight into system behavior. Multibody mechanisms are automatically rendered as ball-and-stick 3D models for easy visualization of the system topology. Playback controls enable a close examination of significant behavior; camera motion controls, such as panning, zooming, tumbling, and tracking, let users focus on areas of interest. MapleSim 2 simplifies the task of managing results from multiple simulations. Results can be placed side-by-side or overlaid for easy comparison; given meaningful descriptions, deleted, and exported to data files; and manually or automatically stored with the model. Maplesoft, 615 Kumpf Drive, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2V 1K8,

StarLab, laser measurement software from Ophir-Spiricon, works with the company’s smart displays and PC interfaces; it allows users to measure, analyze, and record laser power and energy parameters from its smart power/energy pyroelectric, thermal, and photodiode sensors. The software is designed for such applications as measuring the peak-to-peak stability of energy pulses and the power drift of CW lasers over time. Users can handle data from as many as eight sensors at once, tiling the information onto a PC screen, or from each sensor individually. The software enables the collection and display of data in formats that include moving-average graphs, energy versus time, and histograms of pulses per energy interval. Configuration of measurement parameters such as range and laser type are made easy. Data logging periods range from 5 s to 500 hr. Ophir-Spiricon Inc, 60 West 1000 North, Logan, UT 84321,

International Light Technologies is offering a new version of its SpectriLight III, which provides easy setting of all operating controls of the company’s ILT900 spectroradiometer and incorporates an integrated data analysis package. Wavelength range, integration time, scan average, and other controls can be easily set through pop-up windows, menus, and toolbars. The screens provide detailed analysis of the calibrated data; absolute irradiance and chromaticity are instantly calculated. Integration time ranges from 1 to 999 ms, and scan average is selectable from 1 to 999. Features include external trigger, peak find, and scaling and zoom capabilities. Irradiance analysis can be performed in total, visible, UVA, UVB, UVC, and photopic wavelengths; chromaticity analysis can be done in x-, y-, u-, and v-coordinates and can display in CIE color spaces. International Light Technologies, 10 Technology Drive, Peabody, MA 01960,

Golden Software’s Surfer 9 is a contouring and 3D surface mapping package that can apply transparency to images, solid colors, map layers, and fill patterns; users have full control over the opacity percentage. The program converts xyz data into nine different map types and can combine them with one another or with other imported map files to create a comprehensive display. It can also import and export georeference image tiles. Surfer 9 allows users to convert the projection of data in worksheets and to access the individual items in base maps through more than 1500 predefined coordinate systems or by defining their own custom projection. The package offers full customization of base maps, in which calculation of the area and the length of lines is provided. Individual post map labels can be moved with a mouse. Golden Software Inc, 809 14th Street, Golden, CO 80401-1866,

Lambda Research Corp has introduced TracePro 5.0, the latest version of its design software for modeling the propagation of light in imaging and nonimaging optomechanical systems. Models can be imported from a lens design or CAD program or created with Trace-Pro’s solid geometry. Version 5.0 provides a new interface for modeling optical sources; it enables users to define and manage spectral data for each unique source and to combine different source types in a single ray trace. The software incorporates simulation advances such as flux versus optical path length or time of flight, reverse ray and luminance ray traces with blackbody and gray body sources, and new add-in utilities that assist in quickly and accurately creating and optimizing properties. Inputs can handle industry standards and data from physical measurements and from manufacturers. Lambda Research Corporation, 25 Porter Road, Littleton, MA 01460,

Michelson Diagnostics has announced a new high-speed imaging capability for its EX1301 optical coherence tomography microscope. OCT images can be captured at up to 40 frames/s to enable the imaging of dynamic processes, such as the heartbeat of a fruit fly. Actual frame rates depend on the image width: from 7.5 f/s at 1250 pixels wide to 40 f/s at 125 pixels. The software, four times faster than an earlier version, is expected to open new opportunities for developmental biology scientists. Multibeam OCT is able to produce realtime images of the subsurface detail in soft and hard biological tissue, silicon, and some plastic and ceramics at microscopic resolution of better than 10 µm, much higher than is possible with ultrasound or MRI. Multibeam technology provides double the lateral image resolution of conventional single-beam OCT. Michelson Diagnostics Ltd, 11A Grays Farm Production Village, Grays Farm Road, Orpington, Kent BR5 3BD, UK,

National Instruments Corp has released the NI LabVIEW unit test framework and desktop execution trace toolkits for the LabVIEW graphical development environment. Software debugging and testing are complex tasks for developers. The two programs are designed to automate and improve common software engineering tasks. Automating the processes reduces the time engineers spend performing tests and enables more exhaustive testing. With the unit test framework toolkit, users can create test cases that define inputs and can compare the results after execution with expected outputs. The desktop execution trace kit is a dynamic code analyzer that can be used during run time to detect and locate problems in code. It displays a chronological view of events, queue operations, reference leaks, memory allocation, unhandled errors, and subVI (visual interface) execution. National Instruments Corporation, 11500 North Mopac Expressway, Austin, TX 78759-3504,

The Advanced Systems Analysis Program 2009 V1R1 from the Breault Research Organization adds significant capability to the virtual prototyping of optical systems and devices. With the new version of ASAP, users can visualize distribution of light and perform radiometric calculations on any number of planar and nonplanar system objects involved in a single ray trace; import data from images in various formats and use a flexible toolset to extract numerical data from different curve types; characterize liquid crystal materials using a command that can describe a linearly varying orientation; use the new general uniaxial medium to define uniaxial materials by physical, rather than optical, thickness; and simulate new system types by tracking polarization in Stokes vector mode. Breault Research Organization Inc, 6400 East Grant Road, Suite 350, Tucson, AZ 85715,

Coherent has published the 2009 Ultra-fast Laser Systems catalog, which includes product profiles with specifications and typical performance, synoptic views of laser oscillator and amplifier families, product and accessory compatibility charts, ultrafast table layouts, and laser measurement and control accessories. Coherent Inc, 5100 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054,