IN a resolution adopted by the Ninth Calorimetry conference at its meeting in Schenectady last September, the National Bureau of Standards has been called upon to “undertake investigations aimed at providing the following urgent needs of American scientists: (1) an accurate temperature scale from 10 °K to the oxygen point; and (2) a provisional temperature scale and standard thermometers to cover the range 0.1 ° to 20 °K”. Pointing out that fixed temperature points and mathematical relations between resistance and temperature below the oxygen point are becoming increasingly necessary, the resolution said that NBS, which has as one of its authorized functions the establishment and maintenance of thermometric standards, is uniquely fitted to undertake the required investigations. Noting that the development of the Collins Helium Cryostat (a research instrument now in use in many parts of the world) has played a major role in making available the temperature range below the boiling point of oxygen, the resolution stated that the measurement of temperature in that range is of primary importance to the value of the work accomplished, and is international in scope. The resolution was drawn up and proposed by D. R. Stull and J. G. Daunt and was presented to the Board of Directors and to the Conference by Guy Waddington. Approximately 130 scientists representing over 75 government, academic, and industrial laboratories throughout the United States took part in the deliberation.

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