ON October 23rd, the White House announced the appointment to the Atomic Energy Commission of John von Neumann, research professor in mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. Dr. von Neumann, a consultant to the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory since 1943 and a member of the AEC's General Advisory Commission, succeeds former Commissioner Eugene M. Zuckert, who resigned last June. Well‐known for his contributions to mathematical physics, the arts of high‐speed computing, and the theory of games, von Neumann is the second scientist named to the AEC by President Eisenhower in recent weeks. In September, chemist Willard F. Libby of the University of Chicago was appointed to fill the unexpired term of physicist H. D. Smyth when the latter retired from the Commission to return to his post at Princeton University. Both von Neumann and Libby are Fellows of the American Physical Society.

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