The Physics and Technology of Radiation Therapy ,

Patrick N.
Colin G.
Medical Physics Publishing
, Madison, WI, 2010. $125.00 (856 pp.). ISBN 978-1-930524-32-3

Having taught medical physics courses for several years now, I was curious to learn what advantages Patrick McDermott and Colin Orton’s text, The Physics and Technology of Radiation Therapy, offered over the ones I’ve been using. So when I first picked it up, I immediately searched for a presentation of the Bragg–Gray cavity theory. I didn’t find one, nor did I find the usual detailed description of the current algorithms for treatment planning. A little confused, I turned to the introduction, where I discovered my error.

This book breaks from the traditional “straddle the fence” compromise of trying to educate all the personnel in a radiation oncology department. Understandably, most authors produce textbooks that aim to provide broad working knowledge of a...

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