Stephen Henry Schneider, who understood the full breadth and depth of the climate problem better than anyone else, died on 19 July 2010 at the age of 65 while on travel in Europe. Steve’s research broke new ground in the physics of the climate system and expanded our understanding of climate interactions with natural and social systems; with people; and, in partnership with ornithologist Terry Root—his wife—with other species.

Simultaneously, he exemplified the model of the scientist who engages effectively in the public arena. The scope of his influence is evident in the many online eulogies and other encomiums from colleagues, former students, and acquaintances. Steve led a jam-packed, self-consistent life as a physicist, Earth scientist, and public intellectual, to the benefit of us all.

Steve was born on 11 February 1945 in the New York metropolitan area and was raised there. He received a BS in mechanical engineering and...

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