Norm Goldblatt was on the faculty at the Rochester Institute of Technology for a decade. In 1979 he left academia for industry, and for the past 30 years his day job has been doing laser research and product development. He currently works on ophthalmic applications of lasers at Optimedica in Santa Clara, California. On the side, he does standup comedy.

Goldblatt does a gig or so a week, at corporate functions, schools, and professional society meetings, among other locales. He performs around the country, although mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has written for Jay Leno. And, officially a professional, he is barred from amateur competitions. He bantered with Physics Today, earlier this spring.

PT: How did you get into standup comedy?

Goldblatt: I’ve been writing humor from an early age. The fact that I take science and math so seriously is part of the humor in...

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