The high-energy astrophysics division of the American Astronomical Society presented its 2003 David N. Schramm Award for High Energy Astrophysics Science Journalism at a meeting held in Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, in March.

Ron Cowen and Robert Irion are the corecipients of this year’s award. Cowen, an astronomy writer at Science News , was recognized for his article “Jet Astronomy,” which appeared in that magazine’s 9 November 2002 issue. Irion, a freelance science journalist, was honored for his article “Ashes to Ashes: The Inner Lives of Neutron Stars,” which was published in the 27 September 2002 issue of Science.

Last year’s award went to Robert Naeye, editor of Mercury. He was acknowledged for his article “Superman’s Telescope: The Achievements of Chandra,” which appeared in the summer 2001 issue of the magazine California Wild.

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