China now has its first seven-figure science prize. Hong Kong-based billionaire Run Run Shaw has established three $1 million prizes to be awarded annually to scientists in astronomy, mathematics, and life and medical sciences. The prizes will recognize breakthroughs “in academic and scientific research or applications, and [researchers] whose work has resulted in a positive and profound impact on mankind.

The first of the Shaw Prizes will be awarded in June 2004, and “it is possible, and probable, that we may include prizes in other fields in the future,” says Koon-Fai Chor, secretary general of the Shaw Prize Foundation, which administers the awards.

“Societal progress has always depended on the tireless efforts of men and women of great talent,” he says. “The Shaw Prize is established as a tribute to these pioneers and an encouragement to men and women dedicated to the advancement of civilization.” Further information can be found...

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