Over the course of several months, the American Physical Society has recognized a number of individuals for their contributions to physics.

The recipient of the Will Allis Prize was Alan Garscadden, chief scientist of the propulsion directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Ohio. He was recognized for his “distinguished career in gaseous electronics, marked by a sustained creativity in linking fundamental processes to the macroscopic properties of gas discharges and plasmas, and for his dedicated role as an advocate for the field of gaseous electronics.”

Gerald Gabrielse, chair of Harvard University’s physics department, received the society’s Davisson-Germer Prize for his “pioneering work in trapping, cooling, and precision measurements of the properties of matter and antimatter in ion traps.”

The Fluid Dynamics Prize went to Gary Leal for his “extensive use of a blend of modern analysis, innovative numerical computation, and experiments to...

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