The Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies is currently receiving applications for Atomic Energy Commission graduate fellowships in radiological physics for the 1952–53 school year. The fellowships, the final three months of which will be spent at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, are awarded for study at two training centers: one at the University of Rochester in cooperation with Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the other at Vanderbilt University in cooperation with ORNL. An annual basic stipend of $1500 is provided, with an additional $500 for a wife and $250 for each of two dependent children, making a maximum of $2500 annually. University tuition and fees will be paid by the Institute of Nuclear Studies. Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree at the start of the fellowship period, preferably with a major in physics, chemistry, or engineering and a minor in mathematics, biophysics, or similar field. Fellows must be citizens of the United States and must receive security clearance in accordance with existing laws. Application blanks and additional information may be obtained from the heads of science and engineering departments of colleges and universities or from the University Relations Division. Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies, P.O. Box 117. Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Applications must be in the hands of the Institute by March 1, 1952.

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