The Department of Commerce announced on June 26th that the National Production Authority has acted to give priorities assistance to technical and scientific laboratories in the procurement of materials needed to carry on important research projects. The new NPA Order M‐71 provides for a self‐certification system to enable laboratories to obtain limited amounts of controlled materials during any one calendar quarter, the first of which began on July 1st. The amounts specified in the order are: carbon steel (including wrought iron), five tons; alloy steel (except stainless), one‐half ton; stainless steel, three hundred pounds; copper and copper base alloy, brass mill products, copper wire mill products, copper and copper base alloy foundry products and powder, five hundred pounds; and aluminum, five hundred pounds. Prior to the new order, laboratories had been depending on emergency assistance from the NPA to acquire a substantial proportion of their needs, a time‐consuming procedure that has caused delay in carrying out many research projects. Provision is also made in Order M‐71 for allotment of controlled materials by the laboratory, within the limitations of the order, to its suppliers of CMP Class “A” products. Laboratories needing more than the amounts allowed by self‐certification of delivery orders may apply to the National Production Authority for special quotas. Additional information may be obtained at Department of Commerce field offices.

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