Of the 154 fellowships awarded last April 15th by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation of New York, four were received by physicists, five by mathematicians, nine by chemists, and ten by researchers in the field of biochemistry. Arthur S. Wightman of the Princeton physics department was awarded a fellowship for work in the quantum theory of wave fields; John R. Platt of the University of Chicago will do research on the electronic spectra of conjugated organic molecules; Su‐Shu Huang, University of Chicago astrophysicist, will work on the theory of the broadening of spectral lines; and M. Avramy Melvin, a physicist from Eastsound, Washington, will carry out a project on the theory of generalized symmetry. Charles V. Robinson, senior biophysicist at the New England Center Hospital in Boston, received one of the biochemistry awards for research on the physiology of unicellular organisms using radioactive tracer techniques.

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