A summer program in nuclear engineering, consisting of two successive six‐week terms beginning June 11 and July 23, has been announced by North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering at Raleigh. The program has been devised to meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate students who are either enrolled in the nuclear engineering curriculum or who wish to transfer into it at advanced levels, and of research workers, laboratory technicians, civilian defense personnel, and others desiring specialized training in specific subjects. The following courses, carrying full academic credit toward nuclear engineering degrees, will be given: introduction to modern physics, nuclear instrumentation, health physics, physical technology in radioactivity, advanced nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, advanced general physics, review in physics, review in mathematics, special mathematics courses as demanded, and research in the general fields of nuclear technology and engineering and of solid state physics. Application blanks, detailed course descriptions, and information on financial arrangements and living quarters may be secured from the Physics Department, the School of Engineering, or the Registration Office of the College.

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