March 22nd marked the publication date of the twenty‐seventh and final volume of the Radiation Laboratory Series, a collection of technical books tracing the wartime record of radar work at the Radiation Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Published by the McGraw‐Hill Book Company under contract with MIT, the Series was started in 1947 and totals more than 16,000 pages. McGraw‐Hill reports that over 150,000 copies of the published volumes have been sold to date. Louis Ridenour, dean of the University of Illinois Graduate School, served as editor‐in‐chief of the Series, and a large number of research workers who were associated with the radar project carried on at MIT during World War II participated as authors. Publication of the Series, which Dean Ridenour describes as a “compendium of basic information on microwave radar and modern electronics”, has brought a net saving of approximately $260,000 to the Government, according to an estimate of the McGraw‐Hill Company, as a collection of official technical reports. In addition, the publishers have announced paying over $80,000 into the U.S. Treasury as royalty on sales here and abroad.

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