Two new radioisotope distribution centers for the benefit of users in the Northeastern United States have been announced by the Atomic Energy Commission in recent months. Five hospitals in Rochester, N.Y., together with the University of Rochester Medical School, are cooperating with the AEC in distributing radioisotopes for clinical and diagnostic use. This program was undertaken by the University as a community service which not only will mean a large financial saving to the participating hospitals and patients, but also will bring to them the benefits of the University's extensive work in radiation research and development. The University of Rochester Isotope Center will use facilities of the Medical School and the atomic energy project for storing, handling, and processing the radioactive materials shipped from Oak Ridge. These will be standardized in the Medical School's hot laboratory and doses will be measured, transported to the hospitals, and administered in accordance with standard safe handling requirements. The initial investment for each hospital, it is pointed out, will amount to no more than $2000 under the plan instead of anywhere from ten to thirty times that amount if the hospital were to establish its own program. It is estimated that the annual cost of the plan will be about $10,000 less for each hospital than if separate programs were maintained.

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