Information has been received concerning the establishment of a research observatory at Gulmarg, in India, for cosmic ray work. The observatory, which has been jointly set up by the Universities of Aligarh and Jammu & Kashmir, is situated at a height of nine thousand feet in a spacious building at Gulmarg, a beautiful hill‐station twenty‐eight miles from Srinagar, capital of the State of Jammu & Kashmir. The observatory can remain open from about the middle of March until the end of October. Bus transportation is possible to within four miles of Gulmarg, while a jeep can be driven right to the gate of the observatory. During the winter months the roads are closed by snow. The geomagnetic latitude of Gulmarg is 23°32′ north at longitude 75° east. At present, power available in the observatory is 220 ac at 25 cycles, but it is anticipated that within the next two or three years the State Government may supply 220 ac at 60 cycles.

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