A traveling atomic energy exhibition, sponsored by the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies, the Atomic Energy Commission, and the National University Extension Association, began touring the nation in October. The exhibits, prepared by the American Museum of Atomic Energy at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, include demonstration models of numerous instruments and laboratory equipment, together with documentary films relating to atomic energy. Among the outstanding exhibits, according to an Oak Ridge announcement, are a small nuclear furnace in which atoms of uranium 235 are split, a 250,000‐volt Van de Graaff electrostatic generator, a Wilson cloud chamber, a model of the Oak Ridge uranium reactor, and a demonstration of radioisotope production. Transported in a large truck trailer, the show stopped at several points in Alabama during October and then traveled northward for showings in Philadelphia and Detroit. The tour is intended to swing westward for a showing in Wisconsin before heading across the continent to Oregon. On its return, the tour is scheduled to stop in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, North Dakota, and Minnesota before arriving at Oak Ridge next May. Earl Duff of the American Museum of Atomic Energy staff is in charge of the show.

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