The Research and Development Board of the Department of Defense has announced the establishment of two new advisory groups. One of these, a group on transistors, will assist the RDB Committee on Electronics to establish sound policies for the development and functional application of transistors by the Armed Services. Included in the group are the following six representatives from university and industrial laboratories: J. W. McRae, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Chairman; E. Finley Carter, Sylvania Electric Products; E. W. Engstrom, RCA Laboratories; I. A. Getting, Raytheon Manufacturing Company; A. G. Hill, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and G. F. Metcalf, General Electric Company. The military service members are: Colonel Cary J. King, Office, Chief Signal Office; Colonel George F. Moynahan, Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, Department of the Army; James M. Bridges, Bureau of Ordnance; Charles L. Stec, Bureau of Ships; H. V. Noble, Wright Air Development Center, Dayton; and E. W. Samson, the Air Force Cambridge Research Center.

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