The first issue of the British Bulletin of Spectroscopy, “published by the Industrial Spectroscopy Group of the Institute of Physics, London, the Photoelectric Spectroscopy Group, the Infra‐Red Discussion Group, the Physical Methods Group of the Society of Public Analysts and Other Analytical Chemists,” appeared in September. The Bulletin will be published every third month and is available to subscribers in the United States at an annual rate of 75 cents. The September issue is divided into two sections, of which the first deals with emission spectroscopy under the editorship of K. Dixon of W. Jessop & Sons, Ltd., and W. Ramsden of the British Non‐Ferrous Metals Research Association. The second section, on molecular spectroscopy, is edited by G. H. Beaven of the London Hospital and by W. C. Price of King's College. The Bulletin's treasurer, W. H. Storey, writes that in addition to its function as an intelligence bulletin for spectroscopists, the publication “marks a tentative approach towards the coordination of the activities of the several spectroscopic groups in Great Britain. Contact with similar groups and societies overseas is being established and it is hoped that the British Bulletin of Spectroscopy will also provide a forum for the exchange of views through the correspondence columns of ensuing issues.” Subscriptions should be sent to W. H. Storey, Unicam Instruments (Cambridge), Ltd., Arbury Road, Cambridge, England.

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