What is the best way to provide nuclear physicists with continuous beams of 4‐GeV electrons? Three years ago the pulse‐stretcher‐ring concept embodied in the winning SURA design for the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility appeared to be the optimal solution (PHYSICS TODAY, July 1983, page 57). But while construction of CEBAF has not yet begun, accelerator technology has not stood still. In the light of recent progress in the development of superconducting rf cavities, a review of CEBAF technology initiated last summer by Hermann Grunder, the project's new director, has concluded that a superconducting‐linac design should now replace the original pulse‐stretcher‐ring concept (see page 51). Looking toward the beginning of construction in fiscal 1987, DOE in December directed CEBAF to prepare a conceptual design for such a machine.

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