In 1931, five leading US physics societies incorporated the American Institute of Physics. As a society of societies, AIP complements and supports the activities of its Member Societies; as these Societies have grown, AIP has also grown. What started out in the early 1930s as a small contract operation involved only in publishing has grown in staff and budget: A staff of 24 in 1945 grew to 63 in 1955, 165 in 1965, 360 in 1975, and 450 at the end of 1984; and while AIP's budget in the first year of operation must have been only a few hundred dollars, the expense budget in 1984 totaled approximately $34 million. The nine present Member Societies will remember 1984 as the year in which there was a major review of AIP operations and an endorsement by them of the role AIP plays on their behalf.

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