June 1983, page 54—In the article on synchrotron radiation, written by Arthur Bienstock and Herman Winick, the caption for figure 6 should have included a reference to R. Z. Bachrach, L. E. Swartz, S. B. Hagstrom, I. Lindau, M. H. Hecht, W. E. Spicer, Nucl. lustrum. Methods208, 105 (1983).

July 1984, page 49—In an article by David H. DeVorkin, members of the Harvard summer school in astronomy were incorrectly identified in a photo depicting an afternoon tea at that school. The caption should have read “From left to right in the foreground are Bart Bok, Justice Felix Frankfurter, E. Lindsay (partially hidden by Frankfurter), Jan Oort and Harlow Shapley.”

July, page 63—In an article on the American Institute of Physics in 1983, the photo of Victor F. Weisskopf, Maria Goeppert and Max Born was taken in the 1920s, not the 1930s.

August, page 11—An omission was made in a letter on research consortia submitted by Roger N. Blais: Zelimir Schmidt, a petroleum engineer, should have been identified as one of the directors of the Tulsa University Artificial Lift Project.

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