An Introduction to Error Analysis, by John S. Taylor, whose cover, reproduced here in November, shows a train passing through the Gare de L'Ouest, is published by University Science Books, 20 Edgeville Rd., Mill Valley, CA 94941 and costs $9.50 (paper) and $15.00 (cloth).

Prices supplied us and listed in October for astronomy books published by Reidel and distributed by Kluwer were wrong. The following are the correct prices:

Automated Data Retrieval in Astronomy: $48.00;

Classics in Radio Astronomy: $59.50;

The Orion Complex: $59.50;

The Nature of Symbiotic Stars: $43.50;

Sun and Planetary System: $65.00;

Supernovae: $69.00;

Progress in Cosmology: $54.50;

Binary and Multiple Stars as Tracers of Stellar Evolution: $67.50;

Instrumentation for Astronomy with Large Optical Telescopes: $48.00;

Reports on Astronomy: IAU Transactions, Vol. XVIIIA: $67.50.

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