Announcement has been received of plans for a conference on the applications of x‐ray spectroscopy to problems in solid state physics. Sponsored jointly by the University of Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and the Office of Naval Research, the conference is to take place at the University next October 23–25. Arrangements are being made cooperatively by N. F. Mott of Bristol and by the Wisconsin physics department. Visitors to the conference who will discuss European work in the field include, in addition to Professor Mott, Professor Cauchois of Paris, Dr. Kiestra of Groningen, and Dr. Sandström of Uppsala. J. Slater of MIT and F. Seitz of the University of Illinois will review theoretical as aspects of the subject. It is expected that interest will center around band widths and structures as determined by soft x‐ray spectroscopy and the electronic structure of crystals exhibiting partly metallic and partly homopolar bonding. The announcement adds, however, that any descriptions of recent work will be welcome.

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