Some points that appeared in the published version of my article on Brian Josephson (November, page 23) require clarification:

The article states that I served as nominal head of the Solid State Theory Group at the Mond Laboratory in 1961–2. I could not have done this as a visiting lecturer, and the Mond Laboratory is a subdivision of the Cavendish Laboratory specializing in low‐temperature experimental physics and has never had a formal theoretical group. The group of which I am now head is a division of the Cavendish Laboratory of which Brian Josephson is now a member.

I am employed both by Bell Telephone Laboratories and by Cambridge University.

I travelled to Kyoto to attend and speak at the meeting and was therefore asked by Josephson and the committee on the London prize to accept it for him, since he was unable to, and to give an appreciation of his work, which was the source of the PHYSICS TODAY article.

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