Thank you for the way my talk on “Bad Luck” was presented in the January issue. Unfortunately I myself made a few errors in the references, and since those are of some importance in a paper of somewhat historical nature, I hope you will publish a correction:

On page 77, column 1, line 7, read “the expected effect4a.”

On page 77, column 1, line 14, read “sunlight4b.”

Change the references to read as follows:

4a. C. J. Gorter, Leiden Comm. 247a, Physica 3, 995 (1936).

4b. C. J. Gorter, Physica 1, 199 (1934).

5. C. J. Gorter, Arch. Teyler 7, 378 (1933); C. J. Gorter, H. B. G. Casimir, Physica 1, 306 (1934); Phys. Z. 35, 963 (1934).

6. A. D. Fokker, C. J. Gorter, Z. Phys. 77, 166 (1932).

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