According to a recent announcement by the Argonne National Laboratory, Paul E. Klopsteg, director of research at Northwestern University's Technological Institute, has been elected to serve as chairman of the Laboratory's board of governors for the year 1949–50; Warren C. Johnson, associate dean of the division of physical sciences at the University of Chicago, has been named vice president. Elected to membership on the board of governors at a recent meeting were the following: Ernest F. Barker of the University of Michigan; A. C. G. Mitchell of Indiana University; and Edward Creutz of the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Other members of the board are Andrew C. Ivy of the University of Illinois and Louis A. Turner of Iowa State University. Retiring members of the board are: John T. Tate of the University of Minnesota; Reuben G. Gustavson of the University of Nebraska; and Farrington Daniels of the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Daniels has been elected chairman of the council of participating institutions for the coming year.

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