Preliminary announcement has been made of a conference on the properties of semiconducting materials to be held at the British University of Reading from July 11 to 14, 1950. The conference is to be sponsored by the International Union of Physics in cooperation with the Royal Society and will cover topics in electrical conduction in nonmetallic solids, properties of barrier layers, crystal valves, etc. It has been noted that thermionic emission from oxide coated cathodes, luminescence, and dielectric loss are not considered within the scope of the conference. N. F. Mott of Bristol, K. Lark‐Horovitz of Purdue University, G. Busch of Zurich, and A. E. Sandström of Upsala all have accepted invitations to present papers. Accommodations for both British and other visitors will be available in two halls of residence of the University. Further information concerning applications for attendance, program, and registration will be published at a later date. The announcement was made by R. S. Ditchburn, Department of Physics, The University, Reading, Berks., England.

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