Dedication ceremonies for the new electrical engineering building of the University of Illinois will take place May 19 through May 21 at Urbana. The new building has ample classrooms and laboratories for experimental work in communications, illumination, measurements, servo‐mechanisms, and electrical machines. The ceremonies will be featured by a symposium on the expanding frontiers in electrical engineering. Four major topics will be discussed: Electron and Ion Dynamics, by W. C. Hahn, A. W. Hull, and A. L. Samuel; Semiconductors, by F. Seitz, W. Shockley, and L. P. Smith; Statistical Problems in Electrical Engineering, by D. O. North, K. Norton, and N. Weiner; and Applications in Fields of Illumination, Machines, and Sound, by W. J. Fry, W. Harrison, and G. Kron.

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