A review of the United States space‐research program and recommendations for the future by the members of the National Academy of Sciences Space Science Board have been published in three volumes entitled Space Research: Directions for the Future. The study began in the fall of 1964 when discussions between members of the Board and members of the National Aeronautics and Space administration suggested that the time was appropriate for it. Plans were made accordingly, and in the summer of 1965 panels of experts in various subdivisions of the topic met for two months of intensive study at Woods Hole. Mass. Their deliberations and recommendations are divided among the three volumes of the report according to the following scheme: volume 1, planetary and lunar exploration; volume 2, optical astronomy, solar astronomy, radio and radar astronomy, x‐ray and gamma‐ray astronomy, physics and geophysics; volume 3, rocket‐satellite research, space research and the university, biology, medicine and physiology, role of man in space research.

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