The Commission on College Physics, now in its sixth year, has appointed John M. Fowler its executive secretary during 1965–66. Fowler, who is on leave from his post as associate professor of physics at Washington University in St. Louis, has been active in the visiting‐scientists' program of the American Institute of Physics and American Association of Physics Teachers. Awarded his physics doctorate from Johns Hopkins University in 1954, his research interests include angular distributions and polarization of neutrons, protons, and deuterons, and polariaztion of cosmicray muons. Fowler will be assisted by CCP staff physicists Peter G. Roll of Princeton Univesrity, Paul R. Camp of US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratories, and W. Thomas Joyner of Hampden‐Sydney College. E. Leonard Jossem, executive secretary of the commission last year, has returned to Ohio State University, and former staff physicists Arnold A. Strassenburg and Everett Hafner have returned to University of Kansas and University of Rochester, respectively. The commission's offices are in the Physics and Astronomy Building, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 48104.

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