Plans are now being completed for publication later this year of an annual review on “New Trends in Physics” by UNESCO's Division of Science Teaching. The purpose of the review will be to provide information to university faculty members (and especially to those responsible for training teachers in the underdeveloped countries) about new approaches to the teaching of physics and new ideas of content and methodology. Selected articles on physics teaching, reviews of textbooks, data on new teaching aids, and on new groups dealing with curriculum reform will be included in the publication. The articles will appear in English, French, or Spanish, with abstracts in the other two languages. Distribution of the review is to be directed to teachers in universities and teacher‐training colleges, as well as to governmental authorities responsible for science teaching. Additional information on the publication can be obtained from Dr. Thérèse Grivet at the Division of Science Teaching, UNESCO House, place de Fontenoy, Paris 7, France.

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