The American Astronomical Society has announced the award of its Helen B. Warner Prize to Maarten Schmidt, professor of astronomy at the California Institute of Technology and staff member of the Mt. Wilson and Palomar Observatories. The prize, which honors a significant contribution to astronomy by a scientist under thirty‐five, was given to Dr. Schmidt for his spectroscopic studies of radio galaxies and quasistellar radio sources. One of his contributions was the photographic identification of the quasistellar radio source 3C273. He suggested that its spectral lines could be attributed to hydrogen if one assumed a red shift of 16 percent. Such a large red shift had previously been observed only in the most distant galaxies. His main interests have been the distribution of mass in the Galaxy, spiral structure and distribution of interstellar hydrogen in the Galaxy, statistics of star formation and its effects on the evolution of galaxies, and spectra of extragalactic radio sources.

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