On October 1, Elmer Hutchisson retired from his post as director of the American Institute of Physics, after having served in that capacity for more than seven years. Upon his retirement, Dr. Hutchisson returned to the editorship of the Journal of Applied Physics, which he founded and first edited for the AIP. James H. Crawford, Jr., who has been editing the journal, had asked to be relieved of his duties. Dr. and Mrs. Hutchisson will reside in Palo Alto, California. Ralph A. Sawyer, chairman of the AIP Governing Board since 1959, has assumed in addition the post of acting director of the Institute. Wallace Waterfall, formerly secretary and treasurer of AIP, has been appointed acting deputy director of the Institute. He will continue his duties as secretary, a position he has held since 1946, and Gerald F. Gilbert, controller and assistant treasurer, will serve as acting treasurer.

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