Cash awards amounting to a total of more than $1500 have been received by six Student Sections of the American Institute of Physics in the first competition for grants in support of specific local activities of Student Sections. The awards, made possible by the Bendix Corporation, were given to AIP Student Sections at the following schools:

University of Richmond ($155 for an investigation of the radiation emitted in the decay of Cl36)

St. Procopius College ($80 for a study of the Pound‐Knight system for detecting nuclear magnetic resonances)

Providence College ($350 for studies with a radio‐frequency plasma torch)

Fairleigh Dickinson University ($400 for the development of new, efficient transmission filters for the far infrared wavelength region)

St. Lawrence University ($350 for determination of radio‐activity in fallout)

University of Maryland ($250 for a proposal to build a radio telescope)

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